Passion Fruit and Rose Petal Oceania Tea

$ 21.00


Just the fragrance of Passion Fruit Oceania loose leaf tea will take you to the tropics. And once you sip it? The exotic fruit essence of passion fruit, combined our Oceania blend, is perfect for relaxing, icing it down and beating the heat, or inspiring you to tackle the day.

What's in our Oceania blends?

  • Orange pekoe: Whole, dried leaf flushes from the black tea plant, specifically the leaf bud picked fresh with the two youngest leaves attached. Pekoe is considered the traditional tea of choice.
  • Black keemun: Chinese black tea leaves, medium in size and drying in a twist. They have blend of woody and fruity notes, and produce a robust orange color. Another classic staple in tea cultivation, traditionally from the Eastern provinces of China. 
  • Rose petals: Made from the petals and buds of the rose bush, rose tea creates a light floral and tangy flavor. The tang of the roses combines nicely with the woody notes of the black tea.
  • Calendula marigolds: These marigolds are members of the sunflower family and native to Northern Africa and Central Europe, and the leaves and oils have been used in folk medicine for their therapeutic properties. Calendula flowers and leaves have a slightly sweet aroma, balancing out the woody black tea leaves. 

Need help with measurements?

1oz pack, case of 40 = about 3lb of tea

3oz packs, case of 40 = about 8lbs of tea

1oz makes about 1 gallon of iced tea