French Riviera Coffee

$ 13.00


This dark roast coffee is a blend of Indonesian, Central, and South American coffees roasted to glistening perfection. It's one of the people's favorites here in Santa Barbara, CA, known as the American Riviera, and helped inspire the name.

Flavor and cup notes:

  • Full-bodied and bold
  • Sweet and smokey 
  • Less acidic

How Does French Roast Coffee Taste?

French roast coffee is commonly considered as a double-roast coffee, and very popular among the coffee-drinking community. The depth and complexity of the dark roasting process typically yields flavors of a sweet and smokey combination.

When you compare a French roast to a lighter one, a French roast coffee is typically less acidic and French roast coffee is far less acidic has less of that charred or roasted flavor.